RUNit > Features

'what this little thingy can do for you'


aside from the following (things that every other launchpad offers)

  • open executables, shortcuts, documents, folders
  • customizable appearance (font size, color, icons..)
  • customizable behavior

the real advantages of RUNit are the following
(according to detailed customers analysis)


single .exe, no setup, (almost) no .dlls
(see why I wrote it)
no registry entries

just a good old plain .ini file that you can delete without risking a blue screen the next time you start windows
(see why I wrote it)

doesn't occupy any space on your desktop
  also doesn't popup whenever you move your cursor to the border of the screen
(just sits there in memory quietly and waiting for a right mouse click in the right area (I love this right-right stuff)
support for keyboard operation
  many users feel that the keyboard is faster than the mouse
(except Speedy Gonzales)
definitely the only solution for people working with multiple monitors
    (just imagine the muscle ache in your forearm, when working with lets say 4 monitors
(that's what I have at home - at the office I've got 6) and you have to move your cursor
from screen 4 to screen 1 where your office-bar sits (and imagine that mousepad you would need!))
("whole screen mode" or "keyboard mode" suggested when working with multiple screens)
  see the Setup/Options page